The ideal parent? What dedicates time and money to children

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No matter the economic or time availability: to be a good parent you have to offer your children the best of the best, in terms of money or time. Pity that this is not always possible. Thus thinking about it are the same parents: this is revealed by Cornell University.

Lots of time to spend together. Enriching everyone. Share your thoughts and feelings. Be patient. Impose of reasonable rules. So many courses, because not the best? Ballet, basketball, gymnastics, English, Chinese, a little yoga and mindfulness and to finish programming. Everything and more.

A parental approach in which The children are in the center and to which it is dedicated as long as possible (but also the money): Here is the best way to grow your children, regardless of education, breed or economic availability. Or at least that's what parents think can be the best way to grow a child.

And what emerges from a search from the Cornell University, in Ithaca, in the state of New York. This has become the predominant model of how a parent should grow their children, regardless of the available resources. A stereotype that is not always possible to pursue and that, at least of the USA, has arrived by a typical stereotype of the middle-high class to all: is the one to which every American family aspires.

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