The problems of the genitals of our little ones

During the first weeks of life the newborns can present anomalies at a genital level. The pediatrician talks about the main problems to children's genitals and how to treat them

Children genitals

At the birth of the baby the neonatologist makes an accurate birth to the newborn to assess that his health conditions are optimal and to assess that no alteration or physical impairment. Here is therefore that in addition to the evaluation of the Apgar The neonatologist inspects the genitals, ears, eyes, anus. However, during the first weeks of life the newborns can present some Anomalous events at a genital level. They are natural phenomena that in most cases resolve within a few months and do not usually require medical intervention, but if disorders may persist in the following months it is necessary to contact the pediatrician who will decide for in-depth diagnostic surveys.

It comes from itself that it is essential to immediately notice the existence of a possible problem with the genitals of the little one and to be able to do so we need to know the main manifestations that boys and girls can manifest. It is possible that during the change of the diaper and the small bath of the small, after a few days after its birth, you can come across what is commonly called genital crisis, a demonstration caused by the presence of maternal and fetal hormones within the child's body, That is a temporary hormonal hyperstimation that disappears within a few weeks.

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Genital crisis in newborns 

In the last weeks of gestation, some bodies of the child, such as uterus, vagina, breasts, penalties and testicles respond to hormonal estrogen stimulations in females and androgens in males, while premature babies usually do not present symptoms of genital crisis as the development of their organs is not yet complete. The first symptoms arise between the second and fifth day after childbirth, Some are identical for both sexes while others are exclusively masculine or female.  

The common symptoms to both are:

  • A light acne on the face and on the chest manifesting Red patches or pimples, All in all it is not annoying for the child who does not feel any itching and does not require specific creams or treatments. The cause: Androgenic hormones that activate the skin glands.
  • The tumification of the mammary glands: Nipple and areola are swallowed and take a dark color In both sexes, but in females the phenomenon is more marked, so much is that you can appreciate a clear liquid secretion, dromescent from the breast that is also called "Witch's milk". The glands should not be squeezed to let the liquid out because it could cause a neonatal mastitis.

Genital problems in males

Four symptoms can occur in boys:

  • hydrocele: the presence of liquid within the scrotum for immaturity of the genitals, caused by the lack of closure of the channel that connects scrotum and abdomen. The problem usually resolves from itself reabsorbing;
  • Tumification of external genitals;
  • enlargement of prostate and seminal vesicette;
  • Modification of the prostate structure.

Genital problems in females

  • Spotting, that is the release of small blood loss associated with swelling of all the genital area, which is caused by the presence of maternal, estrogen and progesterone hormones, which must be disposed of. The phenomenon lasts a few days and disappears independently;
  • Leak loss liquid, Similar to mucus but more viscous produced by the vaginal mucosa glands. In this case it is good to keep all the genital area clean, using a garza tablet soaked with warm water at every diaper change.

Cryptorchidism, the testicle deemed

When one or both testicles are not positioned in the scrotal bag At the time of birth it is diagnosed with cryptorchidism. The testicles, in the fetus, are formed next to the kidneys, then descend through the abdomen to get to the scrotum. Sometimes this positioning at the time of birth is not yet completed, so the testicle is still inside the abdomen or slightly above its natural position. This is a widespread problem that mostly resolves from itself within six months of life, Otherwise, or if we are unfortunately both the testicles are not in their normal seat, you can do hormonal therapy from the sixth month or, if the therapy does not give success, a small surgery in Day Hospital to place the testicle in the scrotum. Sometimes the prolonged permanence of the testicle in the inguinal channel takes it to cooking and then it is necessary to intervene surgically to remove the testicle no longer vital.

Retractable testicle or lift

It can happen that one or both testicles tend to go back towards the high compared to their normal position in the scrotum, but then they tend again to reside back. This disorder usually improves with the passage of age as the weight gain help the testicles down down. The pediatrician during the routine visit manually reposition the testicles manually until they remain stopped in the correct position. Though in almost all cases the problem of solving time with time, It can happen that it is necessary to stop the position of the testicle surgically in the outpatient regime.


It's a Testicle inflammation and fabrics around it with swelling and redness of all the genital area joined to a light but constant pain. The pediatrician must visit the child to evaluate an antibiotic or anti-inflammatory therapy depending on the origin of the problem.

Testing of the testicle

If the little complains a sudden and strong pain in the scrotum area, accompanied by Swelling and redness, We could find us in front of a twist of the testicle caused by the winding on itself, a canal that brings blood vessels to the organ. This twist closes blood vessels and prevents the normal blood supply. The situation should be suddenly resolved as soon as possible because if the testicle is without blood spraying necrotizes in 2 hours.


Fimosis is a physiological pathology in all newborns and manifests itself with the Failed to openness, That leather ring wrapping the penis tip. In newborns there are adhesions that make the penis totally closed except for a small hole at the point where pee out. The cause are some adhesions of the external membranes of the glans that will automatically disconnect during the first year of life, leading to the spontaneous opening of the forecrol. To promote this natural process it is important to treat the baby's intimate hygiene well trying to Gently lower the skin to every cleaning. If the disturbance persists after the first 12 months, the pediatrician can prescribe a pomade based on cortisone to soften the skin and allow the bleeding of the penis, or advise the surgical visit. Do not manually intervene with abrupt or strong movements that could cause lacerations and infections or provoke a paraphymosis, a throttle of the glans that must then be resolved with a surgical operation.


Often fimosis makes intimate hygiene operations difficult in males. An incorrect or incomplete cleaning can lead to the appearance of a Balanite, a bacterial infection of the mucosa located between glans and prepucement. The typical symptoms are the redness of the area and the presence in the diaper of a yellow-green substance. Accurate and frequent washings with water and bicarbonate, antibacterial creams to soothe burning are the rule.


It is an unrequent anatomical defect that consists of one anomalous position of the urethra, The channel from which pee out, whose outlet is located on the glans, but that in this case is presented at the bottom of the normal point or, in the most serious cases, along the auction or in the scrotum. The hypospadia is caused by a fetal testosterone failure that inhibits the correct development of male genital organs. If the movement of the urethra is modest, it is not interven to, it is possible to live with this defect, on the contrary, repositioning surgery is the rule within the first year of life, to avoid the child physical and psychological trauma that could instead present themselves more advanced.

Sinecchie in females

In newborns it is fairly frequent to find The small lips of the vagina merged with each other, who leave only a small hole for the spill of pee. The cause: the adhesions of the vaginal mucosa or Female equivalent of fimosis in males. No medical care is needed since the adhesions generally disappear from its own over the first few months, otherwise, if after the first year of life the situation is not resolved, it can be used to estrogen-based ointments or surgery for Separate adhesions. As for male phimosis you should not try to separate adhesions manually to avoid trauma, infections and other pathologies.

Infant vulvovaginitis

The girls, for their particular conformation, are more subject to males to bacterial infections, which get worse when their life in community begins, nest, maternal, elementary, using the bathrooms in promiscuity. The symptoms of genital infection are redness, itching, whitish secretions on the diaper or panties and widespread burning. If the problem does not resolve even by forcing the action of intimate hygiene, a urine-culture or an external vulvant buffer must be made to identify the causes of infection.

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