The most beautiful amusement parks in the world for children

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From the American Disney Parks, at the Puy Dou Fou in France, passing through Europe Park to Germany, Port Aventura in Spain, but also Legoland in Denmark and many others. For those planning a trip to the States with children, or on the Asian continent, there is the embarrassment of choice: we discover together the most loved amusement parks with young and old.

Today we will see together what are the Most beautiful amusement parks around for theEurope is in the world. For those looking for new emotions, or want return baby, or he simply wants to have fun, The ideal solution is a trip to a amusement park: You can range from Water parks, to the adventure parks to theme.

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The eight most beautiful theme amusement parks in Europe

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They were awarded last June 30 in Athens on the occasion of the World Travel Awards: they are the most beautiful theme amusement parks in Europe. Who won the first...

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