"I am jazz": reality show of a transgender girl

From the last autumn it is landed on the Real Time channel "I am jazz", the life in reality format of Jazz Jennings, the youngest and most famous transgender in America. School, entertainment and problems of a normal teen, born with a male body.

The problems of any fourteen year told in a reality show. It may seem the usual American, but this time the plots do not include tamarri from the abdominal carved or disguise with problems of alcohol and syntax. "I am jazz"It is the story of the youngest US transgender.

Jazz Jennings, the protagonist, was born in Florida in 2000 with the name of Jaron and just three years she was diagnosed with her Gender disfores (or Identity disorder); The body of her had all the male attributes, but the identification of person was aimed at the opposite sex.

Jaron felt a child, not for Capriccio, not for fashion, but because of a building of the personality that brought her to see your body as a foreign object.

The parents of her, initially displaced, have finally chosen to help her daughter "special" in the difficult path of growth, treating it throughout and for everything like a normal American child and challenging prejudices.

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