Gravity Cake, step-by-step recipe

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Here is a small tutorial to make a cake that challenges the laws of gravity. The best way to make it? Facing yourself from your children 17 photos Discover

How to make a gravity cake with your children: the tutorial (photo)

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On the net we have seen wonderful cakes that can challenge the rules of gravity. The best way to do them, but is to help you with children. We did it...

Of "Gravity Cake"(Not) there is only one. These cakes, which challenge the force of gravity, are now the new fashion of the birthday parties of the little ones.
"Can practically represent anything based on the fantasy and wishes of the celebrated: a cascade of candy or roses, a superhero that stands out the flight, a dancer who dances on the tips...»Explains Maria Cristina Masche, Consultant and Teacher of Pastry and Cake Design.

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