Opening children's games

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Children love to stand out. In the garden, at the park. Here are many game ideas to be made to the open air for each age group. From 2 to 10 years.

In the garden, in the courtyard of the house (or on the terrace) and even in the city parks. The Parties and games outdoors have always become an alternative more widespread and coarse. Because the outer space allows you to get more easily involved A lot of friends and does not put too many brakes "to fun.

Of course, for a successful party, a minimum of Preparation and a bit of organizational spirit. An opportunity to meet and play, even if outside, you should never turn into pure chaos, with the risk that the little ones do it hurt. Therefore, think well to the chosen and controlled place also Any dangers, Small and large (the courtyard has a ramp for the garage? The terrace railer is quite high? In the garden there is a rose garden full of thorns?).

Last details: Choose a snack, cake, various cibaries and refreshments adequate to the age of children. And try to decide before one ladder of maximum games most suited for all present. Prepare all the necessary activities and choose so many small gifts to reward the participants. For the biggest ones, you can also create colored cockades for the winners. And finally, for everyone, don't forget a nice homage-souvenir of the party.

Here are many game ideas to be made to the open air for each age group.


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