Play with the baby: activities and ideas

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A guide to the game together with the little ones: how to play with the baby and what are the playful activities we can do with newborns

How to play with baby

The game is the main growth tool for the baby. It is playing that our child will discover his hands, he will begin to interpret the world and will make his small achievements, how to learn to sit. Even the relationship with parents and other people who surround it is mediated by the playful approach. But how to play with a baby? There is a unique recipe, the relationship parents children is a continuous discovery, a succession of emotions. Building this report will give us the same anxieties, the same battices that is capable of offering only a great story of love. We see How to play with the baby from the first months.

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Games for newborns at 1 month

In the first few days the newborn of 1 month spends most of the time to sleep, Subsequently the waking stages will stretch and they will give us fun with our son.

To play with our children, however, we have a series of possibilities available.

The game is also the best way they have the fathers To enter the universe of very young children. Mom has many more opportunities to interact with the child and breastfeeding is the main example. The game instead allows you to establish a first contact between father and son. Dad can play with kisses, skin skin contact, and above all can speak with him: the tone of the male voice, lower than the feminine one, likes a lot to children since they are in the belly.

Games for newborns at 2 months

The nanny They will stimulate and relax the child and you can walk it and play with him. The newborns are very sensitive to the rhythm, the spent in the mother's belly was characterized by the rhythm of the heart and also she was almost always walking.

Also tell him gently changing tone of voice and discovering which more attracts it, can be a good method to make friends.

Games for newborns at 3 months

When the child has completed the three months, We could play with him in many other ways. In fact, in this phase, it recognizes the aspect and voice of people, he smiles and is more reactive to your stresses. Take away stimuli Like lights, colors and shapes it will be a great method to help develop its sensory capabilities. Even the musculature of him will benefit from the game.

Remember that just in these weeks you are training to refine its Motor skills and coordination: If, for example, try to grab an object or a game that rocks on its cot is simply experiencing and it is not necessary to offer it. I would ruin it all the fun!

In this period you can put it to belly down On a soft carpet and let it move freely while standing next to him.

You can buy one of those soft rugs which stretches on the bright floor and full of drawings that will fascinate the child. It will move to try to grab the objects IRROBUSTENO BONE AND VERTEBRAL COLUMN.

4-month baby games

As your child will become bigger you will discover with him the toys he loves more and what activities involve him most. Playing with your child will help you know it and it will be a good way to distract it in distressed situations, for example when he is not very good or must eat.

To do Activities with the child also affects its sleep / waking rhythms, if you want to guarantee you quiet nights, solicit it during the day, let it tired and will surely be easier to do it.

It is not necessary, actually, buy a world of games and fill your room. It is sufficient to organize a Room corner With a soft carpet, some sleepers, a ball, games, a spoon that can put in your mouth and let it move freely taking what you want.

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Games for newborns at 5 months

It's time to light Books: very colorful, full of objects and animals and and better yet if tactile (with rough, soft, sticky parts so as to stimulate the curiosity and the 5 senses of the child). Reading to children from the first months involves many advantages and promotes cognitive development, language and will also have important repercussions on school age learning. Set yourself sitting carefully and place many books next to you. Browse the pages and pronounce the names of the animals or objects by indicating them with the index. Change voice tone, make animal verses: make reading a fun and exciting moment for the child.

It is also the taste moment to make the First treasure basket. The Montessorian idea that is the basis of this simple game that children love to find out what is inside a container. To stimulate it placed in the basket of domestic use objects of different consistency, material, shape and color. Fabrics, plastic objects, containers, balls and any other object as long as safe and the right size for a small baby (which tends to put everything in your mouth).

Games for newborns at 6 months

TO six months The child begins to understand that he is not a whole one with his mother and that he is an independent individual. He could suffer a bit of anxiety of separation when his mother walks away and it is precisely in this period that the classic is perfect Settete Cu-Cu game. Mom covers her face with her hands saying cu-cu and then opens your hands revealing a mega smile exclaiming diminete.

In this way the child will not only have a lot of a world to see his mother appear and disappear but he will also learn about the idea that if his mother is for a moment then she always returns. And that, therefore, if a person you don't see she doesn't mean she's disappeared and doesn't exist.

First games for newborns

When the child has no three months It is better to limit the opportunities of contact with objects, music will be very welcome by your child as well as the giostrines hanging in the crib and in the wheelchair.

Better to prefer yellow and red in the choice of colors, they seem to be those that stimulate the smallest.

As the toys grows, toys will be increasingly complex and will have the purpose of stimulating cognitive skills and small motor skills. They are perfect, starting from 3 months:

  • soft books, full of colorful drawings
  • Soft toys
  • Giostrine that light up and emit sounds and songs
  • Rugs game
  • Play them that emit sounds and music as the xylophone
  • tambourine rattles, like this fisher Price
  • Soft buildings from very large pieces
  • The classic top, like those for sale on Amazon
  • the ball.

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