Cats and babies, mild to debunk and useful information

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You are thinking of adopting a nice cat and your child is very happy for this choice? Then read all the myths to be dispelled about the relationship between cats and children, even before accidentally incurners in common places in this regard.

Not only dogs, but also cats can give very affected to children. And there are also other benefits related to coexistence between mici and babies. However, often, felines are considered more solitary and less affectionate animals of dogs. It is not entirely true: there are numerous myths to be dispelled about cohabiting between cats and children.

We interviewed the doctor Sabrina Giussani, Expert veterinary doctor in animal behavior (Busto Arsizio, Varese), who gave us some more information on the relationship "children", making light on some beliefs spread about the coexistence between our children and our elegant feline friends.

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