Artificial fires and children: the recommendations for a safe New Year

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Fireworks: Recommendations for a safe New Year. Among these: Never light fires alone and don't collect those unexplosed on the ground.

We still don't know how this last year will be, but let's start preparing to celebrate a 2020 and a total of 2021 in total safety. One of the main points concerns Artificial fires and children (but they are not the children). Behave?

Do not collect firecrackers on the ground (may be inexplicious). Always turn them in the presence of an adult, move away in a safe place if a friend turns a bay ". Some of the recommendations of the past years of the State Police and the Bambin Jesus Hospital in Rome on the occasion of the New Year.

From the State Police and the Child Children's Hospital Jesus of Rome Here are some practical tips to avoid injury and how to intervene in the event of bursting lesions and burns.

Pyrotechnic games, like stars, firecrackers and plains, are dangerous even if they may seem potentially harmless. It is therefore necessary:

  • always turn them in the presence of an adult
  • Don't hide them in backpacks
  • Don't collect them from the ground
  • abandon them on the ground if the miccia does not burn
  • move away in a safe place if a friend turns on one
  • warn the teacher or an adult if a friend or a companion is handling a fire

As for the various types of fireworks and children:

  • Fontanelle, Troke, Smoke, Petardini, Miccette and Girelline: After turning on the Miccia you have to move away immediately.
  • Tear-off bottles, tear-up guns and snappers: people must never be targeted
  • Candeline and Stelline: they must be used far from clothes, curtains, sofas and all flammable objects. Attention to nearby people: a spark could hit the eyes or fall on the skin causing the painful burns.

Accords on the use of fireworks

In general, as recommended by the carabinieri campaign on the use of fireworks:

  • There are no fireworks "Safe", even if the sale is permitted; even The stars used by children burn at 300 ° C And therefore they are potentially able to cause fires on tissues.
  • Authorized pyrotechnic games and free sale must report a label with the number of ministerial decree that authorizes the trade, the name of the product, the manufacturer, the category of belonging and the methods of use.
  • They can be sold in all the exercises that are in possession of a license for the sale of toys and can be purchased by everyone, provided that at least fourteen years (only and exclusively pyrical games that are declassified or free sale).
  • If the pyrotechnic game you are buying is label-free, it is always for prohibited and, therefore, not certain use.
  • Pyrotechnics classified by the consolidated text of public security laws (artifices and related products in exploeping effects) and V category (Pyrici toys), on the other hand, can only be sold in the deposits of fireworks or in authorized armories and purchased with a weapon port or authorization, still with the obligation to complain to the order forces, but cannot be turned on without a license.
  • At the time of ignition, never approach face and eyes to the fuse.
  • If you can't do without it, Children never go left alone to use fireworks.
  • The fireworks must be turned on the open, away from houses, cars and the box of other fires to limit the risk of fire and accidents.
  • Be careful to the direction in which the fires are launched: there are no people, so they should not be launched towards dark areas or balconies or windows.
  • The fires never go on within any kind of container, especially if in iron, because the explosion of the artifices could generate the dispersion of omnidirectional splinters that would become many small and dangerous "projectiles".
  • A fire extinguisher to use in case of fire must always be kept. Never wet with water, some legal and illegal fires contain aluminum, the latter if in contact with the water could go to a fool causing the unwanted outbreak of the artifice. In case of burn it is advisable to cool the affected area to limit damage to the skin determined by the increase in temperature.
  • When you find fireworks that work badly and therefore they don't burn, you should never try to turn them back on but you have to get away from the area and report their presence to the police forces for their correct inertization, through the intervention of personnel specialized.
  • Don't try to turn on the fires found on the ground: some use hours (up to 12) to burn the pressed spool's cardboard. The movement of the body in approaching an unexploded fire, due to the small movement of air creating, can feed the flame causing the explosion.
  • Do not try to recover the explosive mixture or explode from the burners not exploded and do not try to build artisan fireworks: the simple external causes like the pressure, the impact, rubbing and heat could cause an explosion not controlled, with even serious consequences.
  • It is absolutely forbidden to sell and buy in ambulante form produced clandestinely. It constitutes a crime, which punishes both the merchant and the buyer.

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