Phrases and aphorisms for Mother's Day

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Here is a series of phrases and aphorisms to devote to Mother on the day of his party. We propose a collection of intense and beautiful sentences, to be written or to be recited, which will be very appreciated by adults and children, and above all from the direct interested party. Good reading and good mother's day!

Missing very little to Mother's Day and the option to be found empty-handed, it is obviously not contemplated. For this reason, therefore, combined with a felt and original gift the most suitable phrase to the celebrated: amazing it with a sweet thought, make it happy with the words dedicated to you and give your mother and to all mothers a smile and a magical moment.

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Being mom: the 130 most beautiful phrases

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A mom is a person with special skills: a thousand arms, a thousand eyes and a thousand legs. You know you are a mom when you cradle an empty stroller. "Behind each mother...

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