Photos of children on social media: the risk explained with a bag of apples

Source: Pixabay

How viral and shareable a plastic bag full of apples can be? And this is the social experiment of an English teacher party a year ago with six-year-old children. After twelve months the photo, published on facebook, was shared more than 500.000 times!

I am teaching a class of six-year-old children the risks of sharing photos on the internet.

Thus begins the post by Robyn Lillian, a teacher of the Bedfordshire, UK and published a year ago on Facebook. Exactly 1 February 2017.

The teacher has decided to publish on social media A photo that portrays a plastic bag full of apples, inviting the Facebook audience to share the image, writing the country of origin of the sharing.

All this to explain to children that even the most innocent photo can become risky and get even everywhere in the world.

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