Wonderful exercises, the book for mothers who do not need instructions

Source: Vittoria Baruffaldi

"Why being mothers mean to re-learning amazement, is a wonderful exercise," Writes Vittoria Baruffaldi in her book dedicated to mothers (and not only), who want to reflect on maternity

"Wherever practical information is found on how to make mom: how to sleep the child, when to eat it, at what age you have to say the first word, walk and so on. What is fully missing is an approach that addresses maternity from a point of view of thought, "the mother and teacher of Turin philosophy begins, Vittoria Baruffaldi.

That's why she came to her to write wonder (Einaudi) exercises, a book that differs from others "because she doesn't want to teach anyone how to do her mother". In the volume, instead, this condition is addressed from a philosophical point of view, from pregnancy until the child is great. "In the end, more questions remain that answers, but they are all the questions and doubts that every mother has and on which she needs to think".

We present three points that touches the book and to be taken into consideration.


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