Children's education: the 10 most common mistakes doing today's parents

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We are hyperprotettives, even the swing is scary, we can not say "no" in front of the umpteenth toy they ask us, we are anxious if the comrades are better at school, we get angry if a child is rude with Our son, we are so helpful that we prevent him from becoming autonomous, but when we lose calm we say sentences to avoid. Here are 10 mistakes that we parents do almost unaccepted.

No parent is perfect, we all commit errors. Starting from this awareness and with a bit of tolerance towards us, let's see where we are wrong more frequently. Not with the ambition of becoming perfect, but to try to be more aware parents.

Here are the 10 most common mistakes (Many have reported them on Facebook) and Roberta Mariotti's suggestions Psychologist and Psychotherapist, cooper of the book "Parents in practice".

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