Danny, sick babe, asks for greeting cards: he receives 100.000

The little Danny is six years old. And sick and evil of him is not operable. For the birthday day he asks his mother to be able to receive greeting cards. The web listens to the request of him: he receives over 100.000. The story of Danny.

A story that moved the internal web and in a few days it turned around the world.

The little Danny Nickerson, a sick child of an inoperable brain tumor, last Friday turned six years. Danny's only wish for him was to receive greeting cards. The reason? Because "he enjoys opening them".

The request for him not only moved the entire town where he lives, Foxborough, in Massachusetts, but he immediately became viral on social networks. Several sites have also published and shared the announcement of him (the announcement on the website of the NBC, a US radio and television network).

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Danny, sick baby, for him's birthday asks for wishes

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Danny, a severely sick segmented child, asked to be able to receive greeting cards for his birthday. Have fun opening them. His appeal becomes viral on the web: he receives...

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