Acid pair: Martina raised will be able to see the son of her once a week

Martina Led can meet his son Achilles once a week and not in the family house where he was placed, but in prison. This the decision that could also be adopted to regulate meetings with Father Alexander Boetcher. Many have taken care of the future of the little Achille: in the offices of the Court of Minori they are apparently tens of the child's adoption requests.

Once a week. And not in the family home where the small one is hosted, but in the prison where Martina Raught is serving his own.

This is what social services have decided for Martina Raised and her son of Lei Achille. The girl will be able to see her son only at these conditions. Conditions that could also be adopted to regulate meetings between Achilles and the Father, Alexander Boettcher. He too, like Martina, was sentenced to 16 years and is detained in the San Vittore prison in Milan. The condemnation is due to the aggression with the acid that the two implemented towards Pietro Barbieri, former by Martina.

At the moment, neither Martina nor Alexander have received communications on the methods and times of their visits. In the prison San Vittore C is a structure specifically to allow prisoners to meet their children, without leaving the prison. This mode would also have been chosen for practical needs: each time it would otherwise be necessary for a permission from the court to allow raised and bootcher to visit the son. (READ ALSO: Martina and the Son have been separated)

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