Couple of acid: Martina raised will be able to see the son, but the adoption procedure is open

The court found a compromise for martina mother, sentenced for aggressions with acid. The girl will be able to see the son every day. The provision is urgent but provisional. At the same time the sentence has established that the child adopability procedure must move forward.

Martina Led will be able to see his son once a day, but only in the presence of health workers. The visit must be contained duration and the small one cannot be breastfeed. Furthermore, the judges opened the adoption procedure of the child.

These are the decisions of the Court for Minors of Milan towards Martina Red. The girl was sentenced to 14 years in prison, at first instance, for having attacked and disfigured with the acid last December 28th a former high school companion of the girl, Pietro Barbini. The child was born at the Mangiagalli clinic in Milan and had been taken off to the mother immediately after childbirth, took place with a caesarean section. The little one is now entrusted to the Municipality of Milan, appointed guardian of the child, since the two parents have the homeland suspended due to the aggression with acid against a former schoolmate of the raised, but also for Another process for two other troughs with similar modes.

The woman's lawyer, Stefano De Cesare, reports that she has already been able to embrace her son and have been moments "very exciting".

Exit from the clinic where you gave birth, the woman will not have to go back to prison, but Icam, an institute that welcomes the prisoners. This is at least the interpretation of the women's lawyers. But on the point there is clarity.

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