Holiday tips on cruise with children

It is the easiest journey to organize for those for the first time faces a holiday with children in tow: the cruise offers comfort, relaxation and fun to mom, dad and children of all ages. Here is everything you need to know before sipping with the whole family on a cruise.

The summer is upon us and we don't know what destination to choose, which hotel book or where to eat with our children? No fear, a valid and relaxing alternative is the cruise, suitable especially to couples that for the first time move with children to the following. Here are all the advice of Jessica Riva, One of the author of the bimbieggieggi blog, a cruise expert, contributor of the guide "Children and Travel: the complete guide to travel serene with children" and mother of Beatrice, a 6-year-old girl.

¬ęThe cruise is The easiest journey to face even for families in the first weapons.Everything is organized: from the journeys to the excursions, up to the shifts to dine, "explains Jessica.

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