How to organize smart departures with children

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Traveling with children can request a greater organization: here are the advice of Paolo Becherucci, pediatrician and president Sicuppp (Italian pediatric care society), to ensure that even a crossing by car or by plane is not a problem with the company of the smaller

Never travel by car with children in the arms, to drink so much the little ones, better to avoid video games by car and remember the passport to get on the aircraft: when traveling in the company of children, greater planning is needed and above all is important bring everything you need.
Here's how to go on vacation serene, thanks to the advice of Paolo Becherucci, Pediatrician and President Sicuppp (Italian Pediatric Primary Care).

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  • Plan the trip
  • Air conditioning and para-sun on the windows
  • Children on the seat
  • Close the goalkeepers and no smoking
  • Comfort assets: fruit and lots of water
  • Cinetosis: How to avoid hurting to travel
  • Documents

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