How to adopt a child in Italy

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How to adopt a child in Italy? What a procedure you must follow ? Who can apply for adoption? And what are the times and costs to support for aspiring adoptive parents? Here is everything you need to know if you want to adopt a child

There are tens of thousands of Italian families currently waiting for Adopt a child, in Italy abroad. "Many couples undertake the national and international pathway, then it is life to choose for them - explains Daniela BertoLoso of the Turin Friends Association of Don Bosco, one of the authorized institutions to support couples in the international adoption path -. And Italian families are usually much appreciated abroad, because they are considered among the most welcoming ever ".

In this article

  • What to do to adopt a child
  • International adoption
  • The requirements for adopting a child
  • The costs of a adoption
  • Waiting times
  • The remote adoption

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