Dog or cat: Which to choose?

Pets are formidable. And everyone has its peculiarities. The dog is faithful and toy, the cat is more astute and enterprising. But you've ever thought about the other chances you may have? Maybe your child you could buy a little bird, or make an aquarium at the nemo.

What you have to ask first of all:

  • you really want an animal?

  • you are interested in informing you about the needs of the animal you want to buy?

  • You are willing to face the costs of an animal? Not only of purchase, but also of maintenance...

  • It can happen that the animals dirty and hemanino bad smells: you are willing to bear it?

  • you know who entrust the animal when you go on vacation?

  • your child suffers from some allergy?

  • Where clothes, it is allowed to keep animals at home?

If you answered with one questions, then you're ready for a pet. Ok, but what? Each animal has his needs and the age of children play an important role.

Do our tests and find out what animal it suits you to your family.

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