Treasure for children's rights

To celebrate the 20 years of the International Children's Rights Convention, the Time4Kids network has organized a treasure hunt online. Registration by 31 October. Our son.IT is a technical sponsor of the initiative sponsored by UNICEF.

Throughout the month of November.IT will be the technical sponsor of the right hunt, the virtual treasure hunt promoted by the Network Time4Kids 20 years after signing the International Childhood Rights Convention.

The right hunt, sponsored by UNICEF and helping the children onlus, will take place on the web, through some sites that are part of Time4Kids. Designed for children and children aged 5 to 16, treasure hunt admits both individual and group participation and the help of parents, grandparents, teachers and librarians.

Law hunt will start on November 3rd and will last until November 20, 2009. But registrations must be made by 31 October.

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