Flame bus: Viminale ready to speed up the process to give citizenship to the boy-hero

Source: IPA-Agency

The viminale is in favor of speeding up iter to give Italian citizenship to the 13-year-old NATO in Italy and the son of Egyptians who called 112 to give the alarm on the busy bus to San Donato Milanese.

Only 13 years he was courage, he hid the mobile phone and used him to give the alarm to 112, thus notifying the forces of order on what was happening on the bus that was carrying them in his crazy racing bus Linate.

It ended at a happy ending also thanks to him the adventure of the 51 boys of the middle schools who found themselves in despite the center of the national chronicle yesterday.

On yesterday morning, on Wednesday 20 March, a 47-year-old Italian of Senegalese origins diverted a bus of the cars of cream that was reporting 51 boys of the middle school and two guessors escorts to Vailati di Crema, in the Cremonese.

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