In Brescia, a restaurant prohibits the entrance to children

After 9pm.00, entry forbidden to children. In the renowned Pasticceria-Pizzeria Sirani, of Bagnolo Mella, Brescia, the owners were clear. After a certain time, children are off-limits. And criticisms, especially on TripAdvisor.

In the Pastry-Pizzeria Sirani di Bagnolo Mella the children have the hours counted. After 9pm, all to bed. The under 10 are not more welcome.

«It is a rule that we adopted 7 years ago and our customers are happy like this, those who do not like can go somewhere else», they explained the owners of the room yesterday. Over the years they had received too many complaints: "Now, without children, everything works fine". Chic Pizzeria, La Sirani, with sophisticated pizzas and sophisticated desserts. Just read prices on Google or on TripAdvisor. And meanwhile the people of the web arises.

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