Brescia, identified the mother of the baby abandoned two days ago

Source: Pixabay

In Brescia the police identified the mother who had abandoned a baby in the alley of the nights just a week of life. This is a 42-year-old woman who has Moroccan origins. It seems to be back in Italy from France just with the goal of abandoning the child.

The police identified the baby of the baby found in the alley of the nights (Brescia) to a week of life in her "ovetto". It's about a 42 year old Moroccan origins woman She with domicile in France and resident in the province of Brescia: her, two days ago, she had abandoned the newborn in the street, dressed in a blue jump, with baby bottles and changes.

It seems that the woman, who is already a mother of five children, had returned to Italy with the goal of abandoning the child. In fact, the pregnancy of her, initially hidden to her husband, had brought her to leave Italy with her sons and to go to Morocco and then in France.

She arrived in Italy Monday, May 21 by the train, she would have abandoned the little one, then leaving for France. He is currently investigated for the crime of minor abandonment. Furthermore, the prosecution of minors is dealing with the baby's assignment.

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