Baby bonus: subsidized mortgages for young families

The purchase of the first house: a dream often not feasible for young couples with atypical or fixed-term work contracts. The first home purchase fund includes a status guarantee

The fund for the credit access for the purchase of the first house was established at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Department of Youth, with an initial budget of 50 million euros.

It has the goal of offering the guarantees they serve to get a mortgage for the purchase of the first home to young couple or families, also made up of a single parent, with minor children, who have atypical or fixed-term work contracts.

Who is in possession of the required requirements (read below), must compile a question, attach the required documentation and go to the banks and financial branches that adhere to the initiative.

To download the form, get information about the procedure and know which banks have joined the protocol just go to this site: www.diamoglifutile.IT / home-home

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