Bimba alone in the street: the UNICEF experiment shows the different reactions based on appearance! (VIDEO)

UNICEF has spread the video of a hidden camera experiment in which a 6-year-old girl pretends to have lost: when the little one is dressed normally he meets solidarity of the people, but after a quick makeup and some malatable dress on him, everything changes....

On the occasion of the launch of the UNICEF report "The condition of childhood in the world", dedicated this year to the theme ofequity, The international entity in favor of the rights of minors has spread the images of a social experiment held in Telecamara hidden in Tblisi, Georgia.

The small protagonist is Anal, a baby-actress of just 6 years he has interpreted a double role: first a wealthy little girl, dressed in everything, then an equal age dirty and poorly dressed.

Pedestrians React differently Depending on the child's disguise and the images really tighten the heart.

The experiment sent when an anal, dressed in rags, it was badly For the umpteenth time, attitude that led the small to one Desperate crisis.

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