Bicycle children, all benefits

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What are the benefits of the use of bicycle for children? It is better to learn with bikes with wheels or without? There are contraindications? Silvia Malaguti of Fiab (Italian Federation of Environment and Bicycle), expert in education and bicycle training in schools, explains all the psychological and physical benefits of the use of the bicycle for children and offers some tips because the little ones learn to use the Bicycle in the correct way.

Cycling is a pleasant and ecological sports activity. It can be a great resource for physical journeys. Furthermore, the constant use of the bicycle contributes to keeping the whole family fit. The advantages for the little ones are numerous, although it is obviously appropriate to pay attention to the rules of the road and always follow certain accotes.

In particular, what are the psychological and physical benefits for the children of this pleasant activity? There are contraindications? We asked him Silvia Malaguti Di Fiab (Italian Environment and Bicycle Federation), expert in Education and Bicycle Education in Schools and Coatrix of the Book Children by bike - Recommendations and good practices for pedaling in the family (Edicycle Editore).

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