Forest baths: where to go with children

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Forest baths indicate to walk in a wood "immersing" in vegetation and foliage so as to regenerate. But where to go?

According to science, one Walk through the trees In nature it has the power to lower blood pressure and heart rate, factors that reduce stress voltage and depression. This not only because walking in general is good but also, and above all, because the trees, especially the phagate, develop monoterpenes, Volatile aromatic substances that stimulate immune defenses in a positive way.

It is estimated that in Japan, a country where this custom comes from shinrin-yoku, translated into the West as Forest Bathing, around 5 million people practice it and today has found many adepts in the West. How the Guardian reports, Even Cambridge's Duchess is a fan of forest baths and the Forestry England (the authority that oversees to the English wooded heritage) is promoting this practice as a system for stress of everyday life.

The best time to practice this form of Immersion in natural substances Summer is positive, when many deceives, such as beech and birches, are at most of their development. Even the essences of conifers such as pine and fir trees bring balsamic benefits, especially to the respiratory system. Let's see where to go with the little ones.

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