Attention to cosmetics! In the USA, every two hours a child ends at the emergency room for intoxication or chemical burn

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The results of a study published in "Clinical Pediatrics" revealed: over 4300 children to the year receive emergency care for injuries caused by body care products and above all nails. All tips to avoid accidents

Over the past 15 years they have been over 64.600 children under five than, in the USA, ended up in a pediatric first aid for injuries caused by body care products, From shampooing to creams, from nail solvents to makeup products: about 4300 per year (there were no variations in the period considered), ie A child every two hours. It is the tragic bulletin of the American situation published today in the journal Clinical Pediatrics, starting from the analysis of a number of data collected in a national register relating to injuries and injuries of children from birth to five years.

Most problems occurs when the products are ingested, with 86% of cases attributable to poisoning, or, to a lesser extent, when they come into contact with the skin or eyes, with 14% of cases concerning Chemical burns.

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