Waiting for Christmas: buy a toy store to give them to the homeless children

In this period of the year the inhabitants of New York buy toys to give them to the less fortunate children. And if it was given a whole toy store? This is the gesture of Carol Suchman, a New York business woman who gave the entire toy store near home to children without a dwelling.

At Christmas you all are better. Especially the lives in New York, which as a pre-Christmas habit, buy one-two toys to give them to less lucky children.

A woman this year, however, has decided to do more.

Carol Suchman, a New York business woman, decided to buy a whole toy store bankruptcy to give them to the homeless children of the big apple waiting for Christmas.

After learning that a shop in the West Village, near her home, the Hudson Party Store, she intended to close, she agreed a good price and bought all the toys at her interior her. Among these, plush, cars, dolls, superheroes, buildings. And then, electronic games and school accessories.

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