The new Hatchibabies arrive, the robot puppies coming out of the eggs thanks to cuddles!

Source: Spinmaster

It moves alone even before the hatchback can be male or female and has many accessories to play with: here is the new Hatchbabies, the toy having fun... Even before being born!

After the successes Hatchimals And Hatchimals Suprise, there Spin master He presented at the same time worldly Hatchibabies, The new species of toys "Nati" from robotic eggs whose interactive experience starts even before hatching.

Thanks to the perfect simulation of a real hatch, Spin Master's eggs harvested a stressy success and the Particular playful format It has become a real cult: before you can play with the robot In fact, the child It must look after and pamper the egg up to do it open. Just as it happens in reality!

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