Arriva Cicciobello Morbillino (and is immediately controversy)

The famous doll returns, this time with red dots on the face and body: Cicciobello Morbillino. But just a stroke of sponge and the measles goes away. And immediately controversy after marketing the product. On social medical and parents are indignant. The axes replication of precious games: "acted in good faith"

"After so many dots here it is: Cicciobello Morbillino. From today you can take care of its small red oxes having fun to erase them. In the valige you will find everything you need.

You read these words on the Facebook page of Precious Games, in the dedicated post to their new product on the market: Cicciobello Morbillino.

To curate it and cancel the red dots on body and face, the magic cream, its sponge or a cherottino.

A launch that sparked a dust. Among doctors and parents. Which require the withdrawal of the product from trade.

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