Pets, How to protect them in summer

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In the summer season the abandonment of domestic animals increase exponentially. It is important to make public awareness in this regard. Here is everything we can do according to Mimmo Mollica.

"Abuse the weak and the animals brings bad luck: the misfortune of being uncivilized, recited pine caruso, with its ineffable vein ironic. Therefore, if you assist the abandonment of an animal along the roads, don't turn your head. Everyday Many four-legged creatures They are abandoned along the Italian roads.

Anas promotes the campaign for this #Amamiebasta, Designed together with the National League for Dog Defense and aimed at fighting the abandonment of pets in the street. The abandonment of animals along roads and highways, in fact, is also the cause of road accidents.

Summer is the season in which abandonments increase exponentially. AWARDIZE Public opinion, Through social media and media, it is a way to try to save more dogs and cats from abandonment and increase security for those traveling.

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