Breastfeeding and menstrual cycle, useful information

How breastfeeding and menstrual cycle works after childbirth? All about breastfeeding and menstruation

Breastfeeding and menstruation

In the Panneta Mamma forum, users compare every day on topics ranging from being pregnant to every day life with their children. And we found an interesting question on breastfeeding and menstruation. Our user tells of breastfeeding his child for now 15 months and had the leader About 40 days after the birth of the child. Since then the cycle has no longer returned regular and now menstruation does not arrive for 2 months. So he asks what this delay can depend on.

At this point it seems useful to do a bit of clarity on the relationship between breastfeeding and the period.

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Breastfeeding and menstruation when

Typically the menstrual cycle returns after about 40 days from childbirth. In women breastfeeding, instead, the return of the menstrual cycle can delay several months. This is because prolactin, The hormone that produces breast milk can inhibit the return of menstruation. There are women who have the cycle only after the end of breastfeeding. And in some cases it can come back even after 9/12 months.

Even if the cycle does not appear, it does not mean that it cannot take placeovulation. For this it is important that a woman takes precautions, in case of sexual relationships, if you don't want to risk having a new pregnancy.

Breastfeeding and menstruation after childbirth

The first menstrual cycle after childbirth, which happens after 2 months or after 10 months, is called leader. In women who breastfeed, he can arrive after about 40 days from the end of breastfeeding, but he could also take place while he is still breastfeeding. This does not mean a woman should breastfeed. You can continue to breastfeed your son even if you have menstruation. At most one can notice a slight drop in milk, especially during menstruation days.

After the return of the cycle, Mestruations are not always back to be regular, as perhaps it happened before pregnancy. Often there can be shorter or longer cycles. And even more abundant and painful menstruation. It takes a while because the cycle is regularized.All

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If instead after the speaker and a few months of cycle, more or less regular, you can notice considerable changes and the late cycle to return, at this point it is advisable to consult a gynecologist. It could be the symptom of a new pregnancy or the signal that is something wrong. Or maybe just your body has not yet reassembled. The menstrual cycle can jump for many reasons, then by consulting the gynecologist and submitting a control visit will be able to determine the cause and find the right solution to return to normal. And if instead, the delay of the cycle is caused by a new pregnancy, then best wishes!

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