Discovering the legends of Tindari in Sicily with children

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Tindari in Sicily has a beautiful sanctuary entitled to the Black Madonna, but it is also surrounded by legends and stories to be rediscovered.

Sicily always gives emotions. It does it with its brilliant beaches and with the hinterland, which can be discovered with a high-speed adventure ride. But this region is also a land of volcano, with the Etna who fumes and fascinates the great and children. Among the various pearls that can be visited on a tour of the island, from Cefalù to Taormina, there is also a small jewel that moves halfway between spirituality and the folklore of the legends that surrounding it: Tindari in Sicily. Tindari is a small hamlet of Patti, in the province of Messina, known above all for the beautiful sanctuary of the Black Madonna that every year is the destination of faithful and pilgrims. We discover the stories together and legends that revolve around this mystical place, which overlooks the blue sea of Sicily and on a tongue of earth with a curiously human shape.

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