5 Itineraries with children to do by train and walk

The most fascinating medium for a child is the train and even more if it's a mountain train or even a funicular. Annalisa Purple and Franco Voglino in their book "Little travelers on foot and by train" offer 30 short excursions whose starting base can be reached on rail. Here is 10 taken from the book.

Annalisa Purple and Franco Voglino are two passionate trekking photographers and after the birth of their Nora child, they specialized in walking walking to families. In the book "Little travelers on foot and by train", published by Terre di Mezzo, offer 30 routes to do using the train. "This choice" say authors "was made because We wanted to raise awareness about the use of this ecological and fascinating medium. And just to amaze children we have selected for most mountain or funicular trains. Getting on these carriages worth the trip!".

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