5 tips to educate your child with the Montessori method

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So it is exactly the Montessori method and what are the basic principles of the learning on which it is based? We interviewed Sonia Coluccelli, author of the book "Educate and grow your son with the Montessori method, asking her to talk to us about her book and to explain us better how schools that follow the Montessorian method.

More and more parents choose to enroll their children at schools that have adopted the Montessori method. So it has so special this famous method inspired by the famous pedagogist Maria Montessori (1870-1952)? What are the educational principles at the base? We asked him Sonia Coluccelli, Author of the book Educate and grow your son with the Montessori method. The fundamental steps to accompany the development of the child (Newton Compton publishers). Sonia is a teacher, training and mother of four children: we interviewed and she told us something more about her on her book and on the Montessorian method in Italian schools. "It is a general book, which is unpublished due to the fact that you intend to talk to both parents and teachers" explains the author.

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