5 good reasons to have a large family

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How difficult is the daily life of a large family? How do you manage more than two children? Barbara Tamborini, mother of 4 children (between 12 and 5 years), psychopedagista and author of different essays, including "reality mom," explains the advantages of having 4 children. Here are what.

A son changes your life. It is an affirmation that every parent can share (with a certain emphasis) thinking about the life of him almost divided into a erafirst' And 'afterThe birth of the child.

Who knows what happens then, when the children are three or four? Large families, often, are watched, at the same time, with suspicion (How they get away in everyday management? ' and admiration: perhaps because of us, in Italy, they are now an exception. On the basis of the Istat data of 2011, in fact, the average number of family components is 2.4 on a national basis, and rises to 2.7 only in the South. In particular, among the regions, the average more numerous families live in Campania (2.8 components).

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