4 Tips for teaching children to recognize colors

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Learning the younger children all the main colors is useful for stimulating sensoriality and creativity. We interviewed the Allegra Agliardi illustrator, who realized the book "of all colors, a fun text with images and nursery rhymes that teaches and shows the tiny children colors and that stimulates learning and imagination.

To show the children all the colors "artificial" or existing in nature. What is more beautiful and educational? For the stimulation of the senses, it is advisable to show the very small colors, in order to make them learn the differences and nuances. We interviewed the illustrator Cheerful agliardi, which realized the book of all colors (lands of middle publisher), a text with images and nursery rhymes that teaches and shows young colors the colors and that stimulates their creativity. The author told us with the idea of the book was born, who has already been successful at international level, and explained to us what his message about colors is and because they are so important.

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