20 beautiful songs for Mother's Day

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You want to dedicate a song to your mother on the day of Mother's Day? Or you simply want to teach your child a song on my mother? You may be useful to you this list of 20 music tracks that have a theme (or even like slogan). Good listening!

There Mother's Day It is a cheerful and dedicated event entirely to all sweets and wonderful mothers. This party falls every year on the second Sunday of May, so in a spring month and the mild climate. To celebrate mother in the most beautiful way, you can think of making a gift or make a job. But not only: the kids can, with dads, learn songs To sing to the mother, who will greatly welcome singing performances.

In fact, there are many Italian or foreign songs dedicated to mothers. We thought of creating a selection of the most significant. You can start lightening the urbans and teach them to the little ones.

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  • Mom of Claudio Villa (1958)
  • Bohemian Rapsody of Queen (1975)
  • Mamma Mia Abba (1975)
  • Mother of Pink Floyd (1979)
  • Viva the mother of Edoardo Bennato (1989)
  • Hi Mom of Jovanotti (1990)
  • Take me to dance by Luca Barbarossa (1992)
  • Dear Mama di Tupac (1995)
  • I'm sorry about Laura Pausini (1996)
  • Mama of the Spice Girls (1996)
  • Amor De I Vida Sottotone (1999)
  • Fathermadre of Cesare Cremonini (2003)
  • Thank You Mama, Sizzla (2006)
  • The most beautiful of Anna Tatangelo (2007)
  • Mom All of VAT Zanicchi (2007)
  • Oh Mother by Christina Aguilera (2007)
  • Andrea Bocelli's mother (2008)
  • Mamma Gnam Gnam of Sonore Cuddles (2012)
  • How many things do the Mother of Le Appe Canterine (2013)
  • All his mother of J-Ax (2018)

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