10 Rules to choose Safe Toys

Different inquiries denounce it every year: toys hide pitfalls for children's health. It goes from the risk of inhalation of small components, to the use of toxic chemicals. in choosing a toy therefore better a bit of attention.

Toys can put the health and safety of children at risk. But what are the pitfalls that are hidden in toys? Among the most frequent causes, remembers the Ministry of Health, the inhalation of small components that risk putting life. Furthermore, the wounds produced by reduced toys in pieces or allergic reactions to its components should not be neglected. On the site of the Ministry of Health, consumer alarms were consulted on individual toys, click here Also a decalogue has been published with advice on how to choose a safe toy

  1. Each toy must be marked with the brand that guarantees compliance with European standards. The CE mark is mandatory throughout Europe and indicates that the article is in compliance with the current legislation. This brand, which certifies full compliance with Law 313, is only directly from the manufacturer or a certifying body, accredited by the Ministry of Productive Activities. Although the CE mark does not guarantee from all risks, the purchase of toys that are not strongly not recommended.

  2. The toys are absolutely prohibited directly with an electrical socket. For the greater child safety it is necessary, therefore, choose the battery-powered ones. In the case of electric toys (train, ironing irons, ETC ovens.) They must only be operated via external transformer with low voltage lev-saving device (maximum 24 volt). In addition to the CE mark, the IMQ of the Institute of the Quality Brand must be affixed. In any case, it is prudent supervising the child when he plays with these electrical mechanisms.

  3. Respect the age group indicated on the package. For the characteristics of the materials and the size of removable components, a safe toy for a range of age, can be very dangerous by lower age.

  4. Attention to the materials used. In the case of fabric or plush toys, in addition to the CE mark, it is advisable to check that the materials are of high quality (hairs that do not detach, eyes and nose fixed anti-tear, solid stitching, short ribbons and padding that does not crumble) and that they are not flammable. The child submits the maximal resistance test toy and has a natural vocation to the curiosity of seeing what it contains, so it is brought to break the casing and exploring its contents, often bringing it to the mouth. Eyes and hard plastic nose can be inhaled and cause suffocation.

  5. Check that the size of all the toys and / or detachable parts are such as not to be inhaled or ingested. If plastic, check that it is in abs, more expensive, but with the peculiarity of being non-flammable. Often counterfeit toys are of poor plastic material, dangerous for skin injuries and mucous membranes for some constructive and easily flammable imperfections.

  6. Avoid toys with edges or sharp tips. If the constructive material was metallic, check that the edges are properly "orlated" and that there is no rust or rust points. Periodically check the good conservation status and the absence of breaks for toys already present at home for some time. The use could have made them dangerous with respect to the initial features. In this case it is advisable to delete them.

  7. For mechanical toys, check that the gears are well protected and not accessible to the child. The skin lesions and joints from "imprisonment" in the gears are very painful and sometimes with important functional outcomes.

  8. Weapons-toy, intended for children of the highest age, must only use bullets supplied by the manufacturer. Arrows and darts must have the rounded tip, possibly cork or protected with a suction cup difficult to removable. It is advisable to avoid that these toys, addressed to a greater age group, fall into the hands of less children, for the risk of eye injuries for improper use.

  9. Curtains and cottages in canvas must not have automatic closures (for example zippers or pressure buttons). Furthermore, support systems must be plastic, light and easy to assemble. The stability of the cottage or tent must also be reliable for abrupt and violent movements, as can occur during the game.

  10. Check that the package is completed by instructions in Italian on mounting and use modes. Alone, this feature guarantees the toy as "safe". Provided, it is evident, to read them carefully together with the child, thus associating the joy for the new gift, that of "to launch" together with a family member or a friend the new toy.

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